Gathering for Galleries

Following the demise of the previous incarnation of the site because 2013 galleries don’t mix with 2019 PHP, I think I’ve mostly hammered the bones of the site into something I like!

There’s over 350 tagged photos uploaded so far, with many more to come. Many of the ones I’ve uploaded are actually quite recent and not been seen here before, although I will eventually restore the majority of images I had before… these things (ok, tagging images) take time!

Anyways, the new gallery is pretty snazzy, goes full screen for no distraction, and looks great on all devices as far as I can tell. You can filter to your hearts content based upon tags, and you can view images as a slideshow in a lightbox with thumbnails… it’s a bit of a far cry from the old presentation! Have a look for yourself!

The Gallery of Everything So Far